Is Outsourcing Your Tenant Screening Process a Good Idea in Dallas, TX?

Is Outsourcing Your Tenant Screening Process a Good Idea in Dallas, TX?

Have you recently dealt with tenants who damage your gorgeous investment property, pay rent late, or cause you stress? You can avoid troublesome renters by developing a tenant screening process. About 90% of landlords use tenant screening to find trustworthy renters.

Completing this process alone can become time-consuming. Instead, consider outsourcing.

Not convinced you need tenant screening services? Read on to discover the benefits first!

Comprehensive Tenant Information

If you go the do-it-yourself route, you may struggle to gather all the tenant information you need to make an informed choice. Many landlords only review each applicant's financial history. However, you should also complete a criminal background check and request eviction histories.

An experienced property management company will gather thorough reports. They'll provide information about each tenant's:

  • Credit scores
  • Criminal histories
  • Eviction histories
  • Employment verification
  • Contact references
  • Rental histories

This information will give you a full picture of each applicant as a renter. You'll have an easier time avoiding tenants who may cause trouble.

If you're worried about late rent payments, talk to your property manager. About 15% of American households (six million) are behind on rent. Consider using an online tenant portal to allow rent payments.

The portal will automate payments. It can also automatically charge late fees.

Save Time

Gathering a thorough tenant background check can take weeks. During that time, you're also worrying about marketing, maintenance, and other tasks. You're busy enough as it is.

Instead of worrying about tenant screening, outsource to save time and money. Your property management company will already have an efficient process in place.

Improve Your Vacancy Rate

The sooner you gather tenant information, the sooner you can fill vacancies. Otherwise, your rental units will sit empty, costing you money.

You may feel the need to cut corners with applicant screening if you're rushed to fill vacancies. You won't get a thorough picture of each applicant if you skip steps.

Hiring a property management company will ensure you fill your vacancy rate without cutting corners. They'll choose reliable renters you can depend on.

Choosing trustworthy tenants can benefit your vacancy rate later. You can retain these tenants. Increased lease renewals will boost your occupancy rate and ROI.

Follow Every Landlord-Tenant Law

Don't rush to reject a rental application. An applicant could sue you. Outsourcing will ensure you follow anti-discrimination and landlord-tenant laws.

You'll have a neutral third party gathering these reports. You won't have to worry about legal consequences if there is an issue. If there is a problem, rely on your property manager's legal expertise.

Request Tenant Screening in Dallas

You don't have to continue screening applicants on your own. Instead, request tenant screening services in Dallas. An experienced property management company can handle this process on your behalf.

Evernest has helped property owners manage their properties since 2008. Today, we manage over 16,000 properties for more than 6,000 owners. We handle everything from marketing and tenant screening to rent collection and maintenance.

We're dedicated to maximizing the value of your rental property. Enjoy hands-off, out-of-state property management. Contact us now for tenant screening services.